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Four 2013 grads enter med school together

It wasn’t hard to find a KCD grad at the White Coat Ceremony for U of L’s School of Medicine this summer. KCD was represented by four members of the class of 2013: Khaleel Wilson, Katie Scharf, Grant Schmidt, and Karishma Daftary. We’re so proud of these Bearcats and happy to congratulate them on reaching this milestone.

We reached out to these grads this summer and asked how their Bearcat experience prepared them to succeed in college and beyond. We’d like to thank them for taking the time to offer such great reflections on their KCD experience.
Karishma: “KCD helped prepare me for med school by instilling in me a strong work ethic. The teachers set a strong example of this. Mr. Gander used to come in during the early hours of the morning to teach us an extra lesson of math before the real school day began, Mr. Miller spent hours of his own time cutting mattes and setting up a gallery to showcase our student artwork, and Dr. Goldberg would stay after school to answer any and all questions—no matter how long it took. These are just a few examples of teachers who showed us, through their actions, how committed they were to our academic success. I thank all of my KCD teachers for all the time they dedicated to their students and for showing me how valuable a strong work ethic is.”

Katie: “KCD made sure I was well prepared for the amount and rigor of material I was going to face, so my academic transition to Wake Forest University was very smooth. In college, I was able to expand on that solid foundation I gained in high school so that I feel prepared to tackle medical school. The sense of community at KCD has also made an impact on my medical school experience. The four of us had some classes together in high school, but for the most part we were doing separate things. Despite that, however, we all found each other on the first day to catch up and comment on how crazy it is that we all ended up here together. Knowing that they are there makes everything feel less daunting, because they have known me for a long time. I have found myself checking every lecture and meeting to make sure the other Bearcats are there, and I think that’s something that will continue through our years at ULSOM. Because we have KCD in common, we will always look out for each other.”

Khaleel: “I couldn’t possibly talk about my path towards medical school without giving Trainer Ray some credit. Throughout high school I was constantly getting injured on the football field and the basketball court, and as a result I spent a significant amount of time in his office. After it seemed as though I couldn't walk down the sidewalk without spraining my ankle, I naturally started asking him questions. What’s causing my various injuries? How could I heal those injuries? What are some ways in which I can prevent future ones? The more answers he gave me, the more questions I asked, and after seeing my enthusiasm he began bringing in different books for me to read. Before I knew it, his office was becoming my new hangout spot after school whether I was injured or not. During this time he started showing me how to do various things like wrapping ankles, knees, shoulders. Eventually I started liking the idea of using my hands and applying my knowledge in a way that either fixed or improved the human body. As a result of those experiences, I’m now considering a future career in surgery, specifically orthopedics.”
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