Interscholastic athletics are an important part of the educational culture at Kentucky Country Day School and are considered to be an essential component in the overall development of our students. Development of character, sportsmanship, and a lifelong appreciation for physical activity, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships are the primary goals that drive the athletic program.

The Bearcat athletic program offers 14 sports, over 50 middle and upper school teams, and some of the best athletic facilities in the state. Our program has produced both team and individual state champions, and our teams compete against some of the biggest schools in the region. We’re serious about athletics here at KCD, which is why sports and fitness are part of every school day.

After meeting their athletic requirement, almost 80% of upper school students continue to compete in our athletic program. Our student-athletes are often recognized for achievements in academics and the arts as well as for efforts on the playing field.

We believe that athletics provides a unique opportunity to develop character, sportsmanship, and teamwork. The Bearcats have been presented with the Sportsmanship Recognition Award by the KHSAA a number of times over the last several years.

Upper School Athletics

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  • Upper School Athletic Philosophy

    KCD offers its upper school students a full range of team and individual-oriented sports. Many of these sports offer varsity and  junior teams and are open to all students as allowed by KHSAA/governing agency rules and guidelines and school requirements and policy.

    KCD will strive to offer the best coaching, facilities, and equipment possible to provide the best overall experience and greatest opportunity for success.

    While winning at all costs is not the focus or philosophy of the athletic program, the driving force in individual and team development will be to produce the greatest opportunity for success.  The KCD Athletic Department encourages student athletes to participate in as many sports as possible.
  • Upper School Athletic Policies and General Information

    During his or her high school career, each KCD student is required to participate in two extracurricular activities. This participation may be at any high school level (freshman, JV, or varsity) and both may be in the same sport. On occasion, substitutions may be made, primarily for medical reasons. All substitutions must be approved in writing by the athletic director and the director of upper school.
  • Insurance

    Each athlete is required to provide proof of insurance for athletic participation. This information is recorded on the school’s physical form. KCD provides catastrophic insurance for all athletes participating in a school-sanctioned program. In addition, the KHSAA provides catastrophic insurance for athletes who play sports sanctioned by the KHSAA.
  • Attendance

    Attendance at athletic practices and games is required for all team members. If an athlete must be excused from practice, he or she should first speak with the team’s coach. To be excused from a practice, a student must be ill, injured, absent from classes, or have an academic conflict. In the event of an injury, the student must be seen by the athletic training staff to receive an excused absence. If a student must miss a game due to a family event, it is best to notify the coach well in advance of the game. In the event that a student will be on a school sponsored trip and not able to play in a game, he or she must notify the coach at the start of the season. Unexcused absences from practices or games can result in game suspensions or dismissal from a team. Missed practices for any reason may impact playing time in contests.

    In order to participate in any extracurricular event, whether it be practice or.a game, students must arrive at school by 10:00 a.m. Any exceptions to this policy must be granted by the division director.
  • Uniform and Equipment Distribution and Collection

    KCD strives to provide high quality equipment and uniforms for its teams. In some cases, athletes are required to purchase equipment or certain uniform components that are personal in nature and are kept by the athlete after the season. When uniforms and equipment are distributed, they become the responsibility of the athlete. Any lost, stolen, or inappropriately damaged uniforms or equipment must be replaced by the student at market cost. At the end of the season, athletes are responsible for returning all equipment and uniforms by the date designated by the coach. All equipment and uniforms must be returned within two weeks of the end of the season. If an athlete quits a team, all equipment and uniforms must be returned immediately. Athletes who do not return or replace equipment distributed by KCD will not be eligible to participate until they are in good standing with the athletic program.
  • Sportsmanship and Conduct

    Kentucky Country Day School athletes should:
    • Be courteous to visiting teams and officials.
    • Respect the integrity and judgment of officials and accept their decisions without question.
    • Respect the facilities of the host school and the trust extended by the host.
    • Play hard and to the limit of their potential and ability.
    • Realize that the true athlete does not give up, nor do they quarrel, cheat, or grandstand.
    • Encourage teammates and fellow athletes.
    • Be modest when successful and be gracious in defeat.
    • Kentucky Country Day School parents and fans should:
    • Realize that they represent the school just as distinctly as the players on a team and therefore have an obligation to encourage through personal example the practice of good sportsmanship by others.
    • Understand that good sportsmanship involves applauding good team play, individual skill, and outstanding examples of sportsmanship and fair play exhibited by either team.
    • Treat visiting teams and officials as our guests.
    • Respect the judgment of officials, realizing that their decisions are based on fast-moving game conditions as they observe them from their vantage point.
    • Be modest when successful and be gracious in defeat.
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy

    As a student-athlete and member of the KCD community, you must recognize that you have a responsibility to conduct yourself in a manner that represents yourself, your family, your team, your school, and your community with dignity. You must further understand that actions that negatively impact yourself, your family, team, school, or community are grounds for disciplinary consequences, up to and including dismissal from the team.

    A student shall not, regardless of the quantity, use, consume, possess, buy, sell, or give away any beverage containing alcohol, any nicotine product (including vapes), marijuana, steroid, or any controlled substance. It is not a violation of this policy for a student to be in possession of a legal drug specifically prescribed for the student’s own use by his or her doctor. Depending on the nature of the incident, its legal disposition, the danger posed to others, and/or the impact on the KCD community, removal of student from any or all extracurricular participation for a significant period or time may occur. This is not intended to render guilt by association, such as cases in which many student-athletes might be present at a party where only a few violated the standard.

    In the case of an infraction involving a possible suspension or expulsion from a team, the student may receive a hearing before the coach, director of athletics, and the division director. The student may need to be accompanied by his or her parents at this hearing.
    The decision to expel or suspend an athlete from a team will be made by the Director of Athletics after consultation with the involved coach and the Head of School. This decision will be made after a hearing with the student, if one is offered.

    In cases not involving suspension or expulsion, the head coach will determine the disciplinary action to be taken. If the athlete feels this action is excessive or overly severe, he or she may request a hearing with the director of athletics. In these cases, the director of athletics makes the final decision.

    The school reserves the right to determine the appropriate sanction in the event that a student violates this policy.

    If a student in violation of this rule is unable to participate in interscholastic sports due to injury, academics, or otherwise, the penalty may not take effect until that student is able to participate again.
  • Hazing

    Abusive or humiliating acts against another are contradictory to the ideals at KCD. Therefore, hazing in any form, either mental or physical, will not be tolerated. No one, freshmen or others, has to “earn his or her way” onto a team by submitting to ridicule from members of the team. It is the duty of each team member to discourage this behavior.
  • Game/Practice Cancellations

    On occasion, practices and games must be cancelled for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, the following steps are taken:
    • Announcements are made in the appropriate grade levels over the school’s PA system.
    • The athletic web page for that sport will reflect cancellations.
    • Coaches are encouraged to notify parents via email.
    • Makeup dates are announced at the earliest possible time.
  • Academic Eligibility Requirement

    All decisions on eligibility will be decided by the Division Director.

    Regular standards of eligibility will also be governed by the rules of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association.
  • Sports Awards

    Varsity Athletic Awards will be given out each season during the team banquet or an upper school athletic awards assembly. The awards will be based on a specified list of criteria for each award. Athletic pins, certificates and “team specific” awards are distributed during team banquets/parties. Players will be given a sport pin if it is the first time they have played for the team. In subsequent years, they will earn a bar for their letter as appropriate. Team captains will receive a star for their letter. Letters are awarded based on requirements established for each individual sport. Varsity Letter Monograms may be purchased individually through the Athletic Department (at a reduced rate as offset by the Athletic Department contribution) or as a part of the purchase of a KCD letter jacket.
  • Athletic Trainer

    KCD currently contracts a part-time certified athletic trainer from the Kentucky Orthopedic Rehab Team (KORT). The training room is equipped to meet the basic sports medicine needs of our student-athletes. The training room is generally open from 3:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. on regular school days, and the trainer is available during most home sporting events.
  • Students with Special Medical Needs

    It is the responsibility of student-athletes to inform their coach and the trainer of any special medical needs they have prior to the beginning of practice. These needs will be kept in confidence by the coach. Additionally, any special medications (such as asthma inhalers, diabetic medication, etc.) should be given to the coach and/or trainer to keep for emergency situations. The medication should be clearly labeled with the student’s name, and must be accompanied by appropriate prescription and administration guidance from the student’s health care provider.
  • Additional Forms

    Often, players may be required to complete and submit additional forms in order to participate. These forms may be league-, sport- or team-specific. As with physical forms, no athlete will be allowed to participate without completing all required forms.
  • Supervision of Athletes

    The KCD athletic program is responsible for the supervision of athletes during practice times and games. After practice sessions and games, coaches are required to stay with their players until suitable transportation departs with the players from the school or game site. Parents are expected to be prompt in picking their children up after practices and games. Athletes may be suspended from participation if parents are habitually late picking up their children, causing an undue burden of supervision on the coaching staff. If a practice or game is not immediately after school, parents must provide care for their children during the interim time period. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the school’s many after-school program options. KCD does not guarantee supervision of its spectators at all events, and parents should be responsible for their children when they are attending but not participating in a KCD athletic event.

Middle School Athletics

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  • Middle School Athletic Philosophy

    1. KCD offers its middle school students a full range of team and individual-oriented sports. These sports are open to all students as allowed by KHSAA/league rules and guidelines. School requirements and policy must also be followed. Most teams are grade-based. In any sport where no middle school team exists, seventh and eighth grade students may be allowed to try out for varsity/junior varsity teams, but team membership and/or playing time are not guaranteed. In addition, KHSAA/governing agency rules and guidelines may affect this policy.
    2. The size of each middle school team will vary from sport to sport. Teams should attempt to play every team member when possible, but playing time is not promised for any team or player. Particular sports may sometimes have limitations in the number of participants. In this situation, the coach and the Director of Athletics may establish an appropriate number allowed on a team. The decision to limit team size will typically be based on factors such as facilities, safety, and league regulations as well as other issues and guidelines. When teams are limited in size, KCD may attempt to accommodate all players by establishing additional teams for the affected sport or providing suggestions for alternative playing or training options. This will not be possible in all situations, however, and KCD is not obligated to provide playing opportunities when it will be too great of a burden on the Athletic Department or school.
    3. KCD will strive to offer the best coaching, facilities, and equipment possible to provide the best overall experience and greatest opportunity for success. 
  • Middle School Athletic Policies

    The primary goal of the middle school athletic program is to give students an opportunity to participate in various sports while developing their skills and to learn the basics of team membership in a positive atmosphere. Winning games and matches is certainly desirable, but at the middle school level our greater emphasis is on the goals mentioned above. If the team member fulfills the requirements of the school and the coach, he or she will participate in an appropriate number of the contests. Issues of safety, practice, attendance, attitude, or academic concern may take precedence over this policy. Additionally, post-season tournaments may be approached differently where formats place greater emphasis on winning.

    Because student athletes are carrying a greater load than many of their peers, certain guidelines have been established to help them stay on top of their studies while participating on an athletic team:
    1. Students who are carrying any Ds or Fs are required to meet with the teacher of that class for extra help at least once per week. If this time is after school, students will need to miss practice.
    2. Students with Ds or Fs will continue to meet with teachers until progress is significant enough to do without weekly meetings. If no progress is being noted after several weeks, the student may be taken off the team in order to devote more energy to the course.
    3. Concerns from teachers over tests, quizzes, homework, behavior or falling grades before course grades reach D or F can result in the same consequences as explained in numbers one and two.
    4. Teachers and coaches will communicate regularly throughout the season in order to ensure that athletics are not hindering students’ academic success.
    5. Disciplinary action resulting in after-school detention will force students to miss practice time. Continued infractions of school rules or a major violation of school rules may result in expulsion from the team.
    6. While players may remain on the team while experiencing some academic or behavioral difficulties, decreased practice time will almost always result in decreased playing time in games. This is a simple consequence of less preparation than that of teammates.
    7. Students must attend the entire school day in order to participate in a game on that day or receive an excused absence from the division director for the portion of that day missed.
  • Insurance

    Each athlete is required to provide proof of insurance for athletic participation. This information is recorded on the school’s physical form. KCD provides catastrophic insurance for all athletes participating in a school-sanctioned program.
  • Good Sportsmanship

    Good sportsmanship is expected of students at all times in Physical Education classes, in after-school athletics, and on the playground. Good sportsmanship means being gracious in both victory and defeat. Good sports support all other participants and include schoolmates of all ability levels. Good sports do not criticize officials, coaches, or opposing team members. Any behavior that does not reflect these expectations will be addressed by team coaches and may result in disciplinary action.

Team Pages

Athletics Team

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    Amy Elliott 

    Athletic Director
  • Photo of James Booker

    James Booker III 

    Associate Athletic Director, PE Teacher
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