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Bearcats receive Premier Delegation award at KYA

KCD’s Upper School KYA (Kentucky Youth Assembly) Delegation received a Premier Delegation award at the conference this year. Between December 4-6, 2022, our Bearcats spent time at the state capital, where they participated in meaningful discussions and debates around proposed bills. 
In preparation for the conference, students worked hard to research and write bills for the state legislature. On top of their Premier Delegation award, KCD brought home many impressive individual achievements—including one bill being signed into “law.” According to KYA advisor, Dr. Danielle Picken, our Bearcats were “engaged, respectful, and represented KCD beautifully!” 

Here are some of the highlights from this year’s conference:
  • KCD won a Premier Delegation award. 
  • Aria Mohammadi won Outstanding Delegate for KCD. 
  • Sam Kanaly and Roderick Purdy both won Outstanding Speaker. 
  • Ainsley Brangers, Aya Alnabhan, Oliver Coyne, and Adam Dockstader had their highly-ranked bill (to eliminate the sales tax on menstrual products) pass both the House and Senate and get signed into "law" by the governor. They also won the award for Highest Ranked Bill! 
  • Riya Reddy, Anya Sharma, and Aria Mohammadi wrote a bill on decriminalizing prostitution that was highly-ranked and passed the House before ultimately getting defeated in the Senate, but our entire group of bill authors (Ainsley, Aya, Oliver, Adam, Riya, Anya, and Aria) did such a good job researching, writing, and presenting their bills that KCD won Outstanding Bill Packet! 
  • Rameen Jabbar and Ava Hurwitz did great work on the Media Corps and Minhal Nazeer and Tala Saad made us proud as Cabinet Secretary (Minhal) Speaker of the Bluegrass House (Tala). 
Congratulations to all of our participants and big thanks to Dr. Picken, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Martin for chaperoning this special opportunity!
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