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Bearcats earn top award at KUNA

Congratulations to our students who were named Outstanding Delegation at KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) this year! This is the top award given at the Kentucky YMCA’s model UN program (which hosts nearly 5,000 students from all over the state each year). The prestigious award recognizes the delegation that best embodies the core principles of KUNA (honesty, caring, respect & responsibility), along with significant and noteworthy participation of our students in all facets of KUNA: preparation, strength of debate, professionalism, enthusiasm, and cohesiveness. 
KCD also received a Premier Delegation Award for its commitment to meeting deadlines and supporting the goals of the Kentucky YMCA, including significant community service!

Both of KCD’s resolutions, representing Ethiopia and Ukraine, were selected as School Choice Resolutions, meaning they received top rankings in their committees and were in the top 8 of all resolutions presented. In addition, both were selected to be presented to the Security Council, and KCD’s Ethiopia Resolution was one of only five endorsed by the KUNA Secretary General.

Congrats to these Resolution Authors for this significant recognition:
Ethiopia: Anya Sharma, Minhal Nazeer, and Elly Girdler
Ukraine: Natalie Hayden and Lorelai Underwood

Individual Student Awards include:
Outstanding Speaker: Anya Sharma
Outstanding Speaker: Sam Kanaly
Outstanding Advocate (Contentious Side) at International Court of Justice: Tala Saad
KCD's Outstanding Ambassador: Roderick Purdy
Selected for the International Court of Justice Showcase Round for Excellence: Tala Saad & Emaan Sayied (Contentious Side)

Many students filled specialized roles at KUNA as well:
International Court of Justice (ICJ) President: Clay Bockhorst
Supporting Officer to the Secretariat: Sharini Shah
ICJ Advocate Team: Tala Saad, Riya Reddy, and Emaan Sayied
Security Council Team (representing Norway): Sem Ferid, Anish Bhalerao, and Sireen Khader
NGO Lobbyist: Tanvi Chaudhary
Media Corps photojournalist: Ava Hurwitz
World Expo and World Stage Teams: Joelle Quaye, Smera Dwivedi, Dania Zayed, Ashley Cho, Minhal Nazeer, Riya Reddy, Milan Mack, Kinza Raza, Elyssa Goldstein, Elly Girdler, Ava Hurwitz.

Ms. Moran simply cannot thank all the students who participated in KUNA this year enough—you were truly an outstanding delegation! Thanks also to the parents who supported their KCD students who attended this event. And of course, special thanks to Dr. Danielle Picken and Mr. Jason Johnson, KCD’s outstanding chaperones.
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