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Students receive awards at Class Day ceremony

The annual Upper School Class Day assembly honors students for achievements in academics, athletics, and the arts. In keeping with tradition, seniors participated in the annual Rose Walk, where they were presented with a rose by kindergarten students.

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The Class Day awards are listed below:
The Brown University Book Award is chosen by The English department to honor the junior who best combines academic excellence with clarity in written and spoken expression. The recipient this year is Caroline Topham.

The Dartmouth Award is given to a member of the junior class “who ranks in the top 10% of the class, demonstrates strong character, has made a positive contribution to the school community, excels in at least one non-academic area, and is a candidate for entrance to a competitive college or university. The recipient this year is Thomas Fogarty.

The Notre Dame Award is presented to a junior boy or girl in the top 10% of the class who has demonstrated social and intellectual leadership qualities and made a positive contribution to the extracurricular life of the school. This year’s recipient is Taylor Parker.

The Smith Award is presented to the junior “with significant academic potential and a commitment to making a difference in their communities.” The recipient is Georgia Coats.

The University of Kentucky Award is presented to the junior “who has excelled in both academics and extracurriculars and who has demonstrated leadership in both areas. Some criteria to consider are: GPA, test scores, strength of academic schedule, leadership, community service, and extracurricular activities.” This year’s recipient is Maya Rao.

The University of Louisville Award is presented to a junior in the “top 20% of the junior class, and who shows academic promise as determined by the junior faculty. This should not be limited to GPA, but also include factors such as intellectual curiosity, contributions to school and community.” This year’s recipient is Caleh Collins.

The University of Pennsylvania Book Award “recognizes outstanding students whose individual accomplishments embody the University’s highest ideals of scholarship, service, future professional development, and civic contribution.” This year’s recipient is Will Kissel.

The University of the South ‘Sewanee’ Award is presented to a junior who has “a GPA of at least 3.6 on a 4.0 scale in a college preparatory curriculum. The recipient should be in the top 20% of the class and have demonstrated leadership in the school community. This year’s recipient is David Brennan.

The Washington & Lee Award is presented to the junior who in the minds of the faculty exhibits “academic excellence, personal integrity and strength of character, participation in extracurricular activities and leadership.” This year’s recipient is Cutter Jones.

The University of Virginia Award is presented to the junior “who embraces creativity and innovation and embodies the spirit of discovery. The student is a demonstrated leader who works to improve his or her community locally or globally.” This year’s recipient is Liam Gallagher.

The Yale University Award is presented to a junior who exhibits “outstanding personal character and intellectual promise.” This year’s recipient is Sohaib Sajid.

The University of Michigan Award is presented to an “outstanding member of the junior class from the standpoint of character, scholarship, leadership and involvement.” This year’s recipient is Erin Gillis.

The Rensselaer Award, chosen by the math and science departments, is presented to the outstanding junior “who is ranked in the top 10% of the class; who excels in advanced math and science courses; who demonstrates potential for success in a challenging academic setting; and who exhibits significant involvement in extracurricular activities. This year’s recipient is Zahra Khan.

The Harvard Award is presented to the member of the junior class “who displays excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievements in other fields.” This year’s recipient is Zahra Khan.

The Phi Beta Kappa Award is presented to the senior who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. This year’s recipient is Eddy Zhong.

The Dabney Family Scholarship recognizes a senior who has demonstrated leadership, academic potential, and a high level of involvement in extracurricular and community service activities. This year’s recipient is Judith Topham.

The Jamie Parsley Memorial Scholarship supports students in their pursuit of academic excellence outside of KCD’s regular academic program. Grants may be applied to offset costs for any academic enrichment course of study. This year’s recipients are Tony Chen, Amanda Williams and Emma VonderHaar.

The Frank Houston Miles Science Award recognizes both ability in and devotion to the field of science. This was created by Mr. Miles, in memory of his son and former KCD student, Frank Houston Miles. This year’s recipient is Zahra Khan.

The Ben Tallmadge Jennings Award celebrates and recognizes a senior who is a well-rounded individual and who, through his or her own individual achievement and contributions to Kentucky Country Day, has demonstrated integrity, honor, humor, and above all, a concern for his or her fellow classmates. This year’s recipient is Will Tway.

The Fine Arts Guild Scholarships are awarded to students in grades 5–12 who are participating in accredited summer programs in the arts. This year’s recipients are Isabel Harper, Madelyn Steinberg, Olivia Hall, Emma King, Natalie Hayden, Rachel Deoki, Georgia Coats, and Daniel Bronfman.

Each year the city of Louisville recognizes outstanding seniors in the region. The Outstanding Senior Award goes to a student from the senior class who has, in the opinion of the faculty, been successful in meeting exceptional challenges and has been a vital member of the community. This year’s recipient is Eloise McCarthy.

Each year the Louisville Rotary Club recognizes outstanding seniors in the region. Each school is asked to choose a student with average or above average academic standing, dedication to service, working behind the scenes, helping others to shine, but seldom if ever receives recognition. The Unsung Hero Award goes to Rachel Bradley.

The Amelia Moody Music Award is presented to the junior or senior who has been deemed an outstanding contributor to the Upper School Chorus. This year’s recipient is Jake Latts.

The Julie and Lorraine Short Memorial Award is chosen by the English and Fine Arts Departments and is given to two outstanding juniors or seniors in the areas of creative writing and creative art. This year’s recipients are Rachel Bradley (creative writing) and Katie Ensor (creative art).

The Wade H. Brown Jr. Award is presented to the sophomore boy and girl who embody the qualities of this esteemed educator: high academic scores, devotion to KCD through a wide variety of school involvement, and an innate integrity and irrepressible wit. This year’s recipients are Emily Rawson and Mason Touma.

The Charles Hunter Dishman Award is given to that boy in the freshman class who is outstanding in achievement and in assuming responsibility in the various activities of the school. This year’s recipient is Clay Bockhorst.

The Faculty Award is given to that girl in the freshman class who is outstanding in achievement and in assuming responsibility in the various activities of the school. This year’s recipient is Emma Vonder Haar.

The Caementum Award is presented annually to the students, one male and one female in each grade, whose actions and attitudes have enhanced the cohesiveness of their classes thereby earning the respect and affection of their teachers and classmates. The recipients this year as nominated by their classes and chosen by the faculty are:
  • Ninth Grade: Sem Ferid and Kate Whiting
  • Tenth Grade: Henry Jackson and Mary Mason Spears
  • Eleventh Grade: Michael Spine and Erin Gillis
  • Twelfth Grade: Hunter Bates and Grace Bagga
Each year, KCD’s troupe #1065 of the International Thespian Society, an honorary society for high school students interested in Theater Arts, recognizes the outstanding students of the troupe with selected awards.
  • This year’s Best Thespian Award recipients are Jake Latts and Will Tway
  • This year’s Most Improved Thespian Award recipients are Heath Scharf and Maddie Touma
  • This year’s Best Technical Support Award recipients are Logan Purkiss and Judith Topham
English Course Awards
  • English 9: Megan Maines
  • English 10: Sam Berman
  • English 11: Taylor Parker
  • English 12: Arika Dwivedi
Math Course Awards
  • Algebra I: Nate Traughber
  • Adv. Algebra II: Mason Touma
  • Adv. Geometry: Usma Sajid
  • Adv. Precalculus: Ayaan Jabbar
  • Calculus: Iyla Draw
  • AP Calculus AB: Sohaib Sajid
  • AP Calculus BC: Taylor Parker
  • AP Statistics: Maddie Touma
Science Course Awards
  • Physics I: Logan Purkiss
  • AP Physics: Tommy Halbleib
  • Biology: Raina Mahajan
  • AP Biology: Judith Topham
  • Chemistry: Amani Ikram
  • AP Chemistry: Taylor Parker
History Course Awards
  • World History: Emma Vonder Haar
  • Government & Economics: Rana Alsoufi
  • AP Government and Politics: Raina Mahajan
  • US History: Bilal Siddiqi
  • AP U.S. History: Taylor Parker
  • Psychology: Coleman Alford
  • AP Psychology: Jake Latts
  • The Ken Wall Award goes to the senior judged by the faculty of the social studies department as its most outstanding student. The winner also receives a cash award to assist them with their first year’s college tuition. This year’s recipient is Jake Latts.
World Language Course Awards
  • French I: Hannah Donan
  • French II: Graesyn Heimer
  • French III: Elia Saltzman
  • French IV: Nadia Gill
  • French V AP Language: Jake Latts
  • Latin II: Riley Lewis
  • Latin III: Emily Rawson
  • Latin IV: Georgia Goats
  • Latin V AP: Macy Brangers
  • Spanish I: Saanjh Bains:
  • Spanish II: Sandhya Lohano
  • Spanish III: Nora Tayara
  • Spanish IV: Cutter Jones
  • Spanish V AP Language: Taylor Parker
Fine Arts Course Awards
  • Studio I 2-D: Grace Zhang
  • Chorale: Rachel Bradley
  • Select Choir: Maddie Touma
  • Ceramics Studio 1: Grace Clift
  • Ceramics Studio 2: Caroline Moeller
Computer Science Course Awards
  • AP Computer Science: Will Kissel
  • Adv. Computer Programming: Mitchel Green
The Bill Beam Jr. ’76 Senior Athlete of the Year Award recognizes outstanding contributions in the area of athletics. This year’s recipients are Emily Harrison and Sam Siefke.

This year’s recipient of the Coach of the Year Award is Dayton Rausch.
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