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2016-2017 Tuition

Tuition includes lunch, yearbooks, and some lab and technology fees. It does not include books, transportation, Chromebook (grades 5–12), or laptop (grades 9–12).

Junior Kindergarten: $10,950; $852 per 12 months after $1,000 deposit
Kindergarten: $14,900; $1,181 per 12 months after $1,000 deposit
Grades 1–4: $18,500; $1,481 per 12 months after $1,000 deposit
Grade 5: $20,500; $1,648 per 12 months after $1,000 deposit
Grades 6–12: $20,950; $1,685 per 12 months after $1,000 deposit

Financial Aid

KCD’s financial aid program is designed to assist the families of qualified applicants who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of demonstrated need and is not associated with academic or athletic achievement. The family of any student, either currently enrolled or applying for admission, may request financial aid. Awards are given on an annual basis, so families of returning students must reapply each year.

Applying for Financial Aid

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  • How to Apply for Financial Aid

    Families applying for financial aid must note that fact on their admissions application. Families will receive their financial aid packet in February along with their child’s notification of acceptance. It is important to complete the financial aid application as soon as possible: the deadline is March 1 for returning families and March 15 for new families. Families are also required to provide a copy of the parents’ most recent 1040 tax form, along with all accompanying schedules and W-2 forms, by March 31.
  • Separated, Divorced, or Remarried Parents

    KCD’s policy is to determine financial need based on the principle that both parents—even following separation or divorce—are responsible for the education of their children. The school will consider the assets of both natural parents before making any award and cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses.

    If either parent has remarried, we will also consider the assets of the stepparent, always bearing in mind the obligation of the stepparent to his or her own natural children. It is necessary for both natural parents and their current spouses, if any, to fill out a financial aid application. If information from both custodial and noncustodial parents is not provided, the Financial Aid Committee won’t be able to consider that family’s request for aid.
  • Financial Aid Decisions and Notification

    A request for financial aid doesn’t affect a student’s eligibility for admission in any way. Decisions about financial aid, however, will be made only after all the necessary forms have been provided to complete a financial aid file. The deadline to complete the financial aid file is March 31. Financial Aid award letters will be mailed in April.

    Families who have completed the admission process for their children by February 1 will be notified by mid-February of the school’s decision regarding their child’s acceptance to the school. They will have until March 5 to accept the school’s offer of enrollment. Parents also applying for financial aid will be asked to return a “letter of intent to enroll,” rather than an enrollment contract. Notification of financial aid awards will be made after April 1 if the financial aid file is complete, at which time enrollment contracts will be issued. A family is under no financial obligation to KCD until they return a signed enrollment contract.
KCD firmly supports the principle that the admission of students, the employment of staff, the operations of the program, and the governance of the school be open to all who are qualified, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or any other categories protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.

Find the Right Fit for Your Child

Financial Aid

Over $2.5 million in aid was awarded this year. About 24% of our students received aid, with an average grant of $10,375.

JK options

Along with our traditional five-day, full-day junior kindergarten program, we also offer half-day programming from 8–11:00 am as well as a ‘Healthy Bearcat’ option that includes our top-notch lunch program and a developmentally appropriate PE class ending at 1:00 pm.

Program options
  • Five Half Days (8–11:00 am): $6,850
  • Five Half Days + Healthy Bearcat (8–1:00 pm): $8,250
  • Five Days (Two Half Days + Three Full Days): $9,850
  • Five Full Days: $10,950

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