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From the April 4, 2020, email from Mr. Huestis:

on Thursday Governor Beshear asked that schools remain closed through May 1, which means that we will be delivering remote education via BRE at least through the end of April.

Over the last week, the administrative team and I have put a great deal of thought into how we can ensure that BRE continues to work effectively for an extended stretch of time. In our discussions, we’ve examined the BRE feedback that we collected last week from faculty and from students in grades 7–12. We’ve also been benchmarking our experience against that of other independent schools, including some that started their remote learning programs a week or two earlier than we did. Those shared experiences, as well as the feedback from our own community, have been very helpful in refining our platform. The changes below will be effective on Monday, April 6. We will continue to monitor feedback via biweekly surveys going forward.

  1. We will move to four-day weeks for instruction. “Screen Free Fridays” result in no classes on Fridays. We plan to maintain this schedule as long as we are engaged in BRE. Our hope is that everyone takes time away from their screens to focus on their mental and physical wellbeing on Fridays. Teachers have been asked to avoid Fridays as due dates for student work.
  2. We are asking parents and students to observe a faculty work day that mimics on-campus expectations, with teachers being “on duty” between 7:45 am and 3:30 pm on Monday–Thursday. The expectation that faculty respond to email within 24 hours remains in place. 
  3. In grades 5–12, faculty are now being asked to spend 50% of asynchronous class periods online instead of the full class period. The expectation that teachers provide at least two synchronous classes each week remains in place. 
  4. In grades JK–4, lessons planned for asynchronous work do not need to fill the entire time set aside for asynchronous work on a student's schedule.

KCD's Coronavirus Response

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  • Bearcat Remote Education

    Updated March 20, 2020

    Thanks to the planning and preparation of our teachers and administrative team, our Bearcat Remote Education program hit the ground running, and students and faculty have made a nearly seamless transition to online learning. We know that our system isn’t perfect, but we are committed to addressing issues as they arise and will continue to improve this experience for our students. Please click here if you’d like to offer us some feedback about your BRE experience.
    Please know that we are committed to delivering an exceptional educational experience through BRE.Our goal is to make BRE the best remote education experience in the state.
  • Health Department Protocols

    This information below was provided to KCD by a case manager at the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness. Because we have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the KCD community, we received their permission to provide the following details about their protocols:
    • All positive COVID-19 test results and the identification of the patient are shared with both the local health department and the CDC.
    • The health department works closely with the patient who tested positive for COVID-19, as well as their family, to begin the process of contact tracing. 
    • Per the health department’s criteria, anyone considered to be at a higher-than-normal risk of infection because of recent exposure to the patient who has tested positive is contacted by the health department and given specific instructions, including: 1) Self-quarantine for a period of 14 days to avoid spreading the virus further. 2) If you experience COVID-19 symptoms, follow specific steps, including contacting your health care provider.
    • The health department encouraged KCD to protect the identities of any members of our community who may test positive for COVID-19.
    • The health department continues to instruct KCD to allow their team to do all screening and contacting of anyone they feel needs to be contacted.
    The health department has requested contact info for a very small number of students (fewer than five) at KCD who meet the criteria of requiring a call from the health department. The case manager said that others may be contacted if two things are true:
    • The patient, and patient’s family, who tested positive provide names and contacts that meet the health department criteria for a call;
    • If, through ongoing contact tracing, others are identified as requiring a call.
    Even in the absence of a call from the health department, we hope members of our community will take their responsibility to limit the spread of this virus seriously. Please keep in mind that the spread of this novel virus can happen from person to person in the absence of symptoms and positive diagnoses. The longer we delay social distancing and isolating ourselves, the longer we may have to do it.

    More positive tests in Kentucky, in Louisville, and at KCD are likely. If that is the case going forward, we will continue to keep you informed as reliable information comes to us. We will continue to follow all recommendations of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness, and we will continue to protect the identity of any member of our KCD community who may test positive for COVID-19.

    If you have questions about COVID-19 reporting, symptoms, or testing, our local health department has established a help line at 800-722-5725. If you are concerned about symptoms yourself, please contact your healthcare provider. Finally, any student or faculty member who tests positive for COVID-19 should let us know.
  • School Trips & Activities

    updated 4/6/20

    During the time that KCD’s campus is closed, all scheduled school events, trips, and athletic games and practices are canceled or postponed. As circumstances allow, we will try to reschedule some of the events and performances that were disrupted. We will announce any makeup dates as soon as possible.

    We may have updates around spring events as we continue to assess the situation. Any updates will be communicated throughout the community.
  • For Parents & Guardians

    updated 4/4/20

    We encourage you to talk with your child(ren) about the coronavirus. Providing young people with accurate, age-appropriate information can lessen their anxiety and help them feel more in control. A few resources are listed below:
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