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The Upper School is home to a number of courses and programs that offer unique opportunities for students.

What We Offer

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  • KCD Honors Program

    The KCD Honors Program is a challenging, two-year course of study exploring philosophy, science, and the humanities from a variety of perspectives. All students complete a minimum of seventy-five hours of community service, write a 20- to 30-page thesis, deliver a summary of their research to peers and a jury, and take a two-year, six-trimester sequence of courses.

    The Honors Program course sequence includes:

    1. Philosophy and Ethics: A survey of crucial developments in Western epistemology, ontology, and ethics from the Pre-Socratics to Postmodernism
    2. Philanthropy: A nationally-recognized course that introduces students to philanthropy by having them serve as trustees of The Artemis Fund, an actual philanthropic organization
    3. Theology and Cosmology: A survey of major world religions
    4. Art and Aesthetics: A survey of how different cultures and artistic schools have approached questions such as “What is art?” and “What is beauty?”
    5. Science and Truth: An exploration of epistemology, especially the historically bound connections between empiricism, logic, and truth
    6. Modern Cultural Criticism: An examination of modern theories of language and culture such as deconstruction, feminism, and Marxism
  • Financial Literacy

    Thanks to a generous donor, KCD has developed a robust Financial Literacy program within the upper school curriculum. Our Financial Literacy program currently consists of a pair of courses: Introduction to Finance & Investing and Economics.

    The program has also included a series of distinguished guest speakers, panel discussions, and a series of workshops offered through a partnership with Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana.
  • Philanthropy and Community Service

    In this unique upper school course, students administer a charitable fund called The Artemis Fund. Although the instructor serves as an advisor, students are solely responsible for the governance of the Fund. Fundraising through direct solicitation and special events is a major component of the course, and students must also decide how to distribute the funds each year. During the class, students review grant requests, organize site visits, interview key personnel, and consult experts from local nonprofit foundations before making their final decisions.

    In 2005, the course received the prestigious Leading Edge Program Award for curriculum innovation from the National Association of Independent Schools.
  • Schoolwide Honor Code

    The culture of the Upper School reflects trust and mutual respect. These values are expressed in the upper school’s honor pledge, which is signed by all students in grades 9–12. The code reflects a commitment to honesty and personal integrity:

    As a member of the Kentucky Country Day School community of students, I believe that a commitment to a code of personal integrity is essential to the true achievement of my goals in life. The growth of personal honor is fostered best in an atmosphere where there is trust among all members of the school community. I, therefore, pledge to abide by the fundamental principles of the Honor Code which are not to lie, cheat, or steal and I will encourage others to do the same.

Making a Difference

Starting with a $10,000 grant from the Miller Family Foundation, The Artemis Fund has built a charitable trust of more than $167,000 and dispersed over $65,000 in grants to local community organizations that serve children and young people.

Honors Program Research

Over the last few years, Honors Program scholars have produced in-depth research on topics such as Colony Collapse Disorder, the influence of anime on American comics, cultural interpretations of pain, and human trafficking in Kentucky.
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