Rules for the Daily Routine

Last update: 
June 3, 2010
  • School is open at 7:30 am each morning. Do not arrive before 7:30 am unless you have an appointment with a teacher.
  • Being tardy to advisor homeroom three times in one trimester will result in a detention.  Each future tardy in the same trimester will result in a detention.
  • You have five minutes passing time between classes. Think ahead so you will not be late to class.
  • If you arrive late to school, you MUST sign in at the Middle School Office.
  • If you must leave school before 3:05 pm, your parents must send a note to the office or call.  Parents must come into the Middle School office to sign students out.  Students may not wait outside.
  • All students must be picked up by 3:30 pm or be in a supervised school setting.  Students may not be in the hallways or in the carpool area.  After 3:30 pm, parents must come into the building to pick up their child.

    Break, Lunch, Recess

  • All students are to report to the Commons or courtyard during Break unless instructed otherwise.
  • All students need to be in the Commons for the lunch period unless you are with a teacher.
  • Be courteous to the lunchroom staff and take responsibility for busing trays and cleaning tables and chairs and under tables.
  • Remain at your lunch table until the teacher on duty dismisses you.
  • At recess, line up in the lobby and wait to be escorted outside to the playground by the supervising teachers.  If there is to be indoor recess, line up in the hallway by the PE office.  Do NOT enter the gym without a teacher.

    Technology Use

  • Electronic devices must be kept in the lockers and turned OFF during the day.  This includes cell phones, iPods, gaming devices, or other electronic equipment.  Electronic items seen at all during the school day will be confiscated.
  • Handheld and laptop computers are to be used for academic purposes only.
  • There is a phone inside the Middle School office that may be used with permission for urgent student needs.  Students may not use the classroom phones.

    Library and Computer Labs

  • The library and computer labs are normally open from 7:30 am until 4:00 pm.  Students using both areas should be there for academic purposes.  Students may not use the computers to play recreational games.
  • No food or drink is allowed in either the library or computer lab.
  • Students need a pass from a teacher to use the library or computer lab during Utility Period.  Both areas are not to be used by students during recess unless a teacher is supervising them.
  • Students abusing their library or computer lab privileges will be asked to leave.

    Food and Drink

  • During school, food and drink may be consumed ONLY in the Commons, outside, or in a teacher’s room with the teacher present.  No food or drink is allowed in the hallways until after school.
  • Sodas are not allowed until after school. Please do not bring them to lunch.
  • There is NO GUM CHEWING allowed at school and students breaking this rule will receive an automatic detention.  Candy given by a teacher must be consumed in that teacher's classroom.

    School Trips

  • Students are expected to follow all school rules and procedures while participating in school-sponsored activities off-campus.  Students who continually evidence a lack of respect for their teachers and the community rules should expect not to be given the same privileges as their classmates to participate in off-campus activities.  The Division Director will make final decisions.

    Homework and Grades

  • Record daily assignments, projects, and tests in the student planner when they are assigned.  This is the primary source of information.
  • Homework is also posted on My BackPack daily.  You are responsible for all work assigned in class regardless of whether it is also posted online.
  • Grades and comments will be updated online at least once every two weeks.


  • Keep your lockers clean and free of stickers and markings.  A cleaning fee will be charged to those students whose lockers are not left clean.
  • Due to fire code regulations, lockers may not be decorated on the outside (ex. for birthdays, plays, or athletics).
  • No food or drink is allowed in your locker.
  • Electronic devices must be kept in your locker and turned OFF during the school day.  Cell phones that ring in lockers during the day will be confiscated.

    Lost and Found

  • Books and bags found in the hallways will be placed in the lost and found, located in the Middle School office. Misplaced clothing will be placed in the storage room.
  • Nothing is allowed to be left in the hallways. Backpacks and sports equipment need to be stored in the MS storage room.  Items left in the hallway will be taken to the lost and found.

    Communication to Home

  • Information relating to the Middle School is posted regularly to the school website.  Time-sensitive information may also be sent via email to parents.
  • Students are expected to present to their parents any information sent home by teachers on the day it is given to them. This includes notes, premissions slips, tests requiring signatures, and discipline referrals.
  • Please do not call a teacher at home.  You may email them, but realize that they have private obligations away from school and may not have time to respond before the next school day.

    Safety and Security

  • In the hallways, students are expected to walk at all times.  Pushing or shoving, even with friends, is not allowed.
  • The outside doors to the Middle School hallways are normally locked during the school day.  Visitors can be buzzed in from the Middle School office in the 7th/8th grade hallway or by the Admissions office in the 5th/6th grade hallway.  Students should NOT open the outside doors except for other KCD students or teachers.
  • Students are not allowed to leave campus without parent or teacher supervision. This includes going across the road to the mall, grocery store, or other stores, even after school.
  • Students must be in a supervised setting after school.  Students may not be in the hallways, outside, or any location at school unsupervised after 3:30 pm.  Students not in a supervised setting after 3:30 pm AND who do not have a hall pass from a teacher may receive a detention.

    Emergency Procedures

  • Regular emergency drills are planned throughout the school year.  Depending on the type of drill, students either proceed silently to the closest exit and into the parking lots; to specified areas of cover; or are kept in their classrooms.
  • When weather conditions necessitate a change in our schedule, the announcement of a delayed opening or a school closing will be posted on the school website and on local radio and television stations.
  • Once school begins, students must remain on campus until school closing unless a parent calls with specific permission for a student to leave.  To ensure an orderly dismissal, parents should utilize the recommended sources of information instead of calling the school.  We will not permit students to call out during these times to keep lines open for parents need to make emergency arrangements and for other incoming calls.